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Alongside my therapy practice I have many years experience leading and supporting community projects focused on inclusivity, social justice and improvement of health and well-being at a group and individual level. 

This includes

  • Programme development, curation and planning 

  • Consultancy for groups and organisations seeking to build capacity to address localised issues such as social isolation, exploitation and health and wellbeing.

  • Research: community-based action-oriented research (including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods)

  • Individual and group mental health support


Arcola Theatre 

Beginning in 2022 with Arcola Mental Health Community Theatre Company, I have an ongoing relationship with Arcola Theatre supporting participation projects. My role centres on offering individual and group reflective spaces to participants and facilitators. 

Improv Group

Clapton Commons Community Organisation

I have a long standing relationship with grassroots charity, Clapton Commons Community Organisation. Over the past ten years this has included sitting on the board of trustees, leading the Mayor of London supported Spacehive project for the creation of two new community run spaces, and devising and running a photographic research project that sought to explore how as neighbours we can use our shared assets to build a better neighbourhood for all, as well as offering consultancy on a project basis. 

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