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Cancellation Policy

For therapy to work best it is important we both commit to regular sessions without large or regular breaks. 


I understand that sometimes you simply cannot make it in for your session, or you need a break.

I offer up to 4 advance cancellations per calendar year charged at a retainer fee of £20 (just covering costs to hold the space). For any cancellations beyond those 4 the full session fee will be required. 

Late cancellations (sessions canceled with less than 24 hours notice) are charged at the full fee.  

I will attempt to offer an alternative time that week where possible, but this is not always possible. 

If you are traveling, ill, or otherwise can’t make it to an in-person session, online sessions are also an option. 

If I am not able to attend a session due to sickness or annual leave, you will NOT be charged any fee.

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